COVID-19 Products

COVID-19 Products

LPSis a renowned brand which is known as “Laxmi Power Solutions”. The company is specialized in field of manufacturing of All kinds of Conventional Earthing systems like Plate Earthing, Pipe Earthing, Charcoal and Salt Earthing, GI-Copper free Maintenance Chemical Earthing& CI, Cemented as well as FRP and Poly-plastic Pit Covers Since 2012, And, Now in times of COVID-19 CORONA world epidemic, our company has introduced the LPS Germ-foe Hands Free sanitizer dispenser Machine & Hand Sanitizer, Body Temperature Thermal Scanner, PPE Kit after seeing the rapidly increase in demand of hand sanitizers in the market and also to achieve our main motive as to protectthe peoples and for saving their lives against the infected dangerous viruses.

LPS manufactures the hands free sanitizer dispenser of all kinds as Manual and Automatic. LPS germ-foe Foot Operated Sanitizer dispenser helping us in staying safe and keep our hands always free.

It is a peddler operative dispenser which is made by using different raw materials like stainless steel, Mild steel &by performing various mechanical engineering operations and Complicated mechanical engineering Mechanisms and electronic. As, it is totally contactless so it ensures the safety of yourself and your workers and stops the spreading of germs and viruses.

 Hands Free.
 Completely contactless.
 Adjustable height for sanitizer bottle.
 Easily operated by foot pedal.
 Eliminating germs and viruses.
 Easy to install.
 Strong structure.
 Smooth and good finish.
 Durable mechanism for large no. of repeatedly cycles.

LPS germ-foe Foot Operarated Sanitizer dispenser finds its application in various places due to its features and demand as in –
 Houses
 Hospitals
 Public Places – Market, commercials complexes
 Government Sectors and their offices
 Private Industries and workshop
 Offices, shops
 Hotels etc

LPS Saving the Universe from Electric Shock.

With access to 24 hour assistance, you can continue to help others.

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Laxmi Power Solutions is well known name when it comes to Chemical Earthing Products and Equipment whether its Chemical Earthing, Earthing Electrodes, Chemical Back Fill Compound, Copper Bonded Earthing Rods or Conventional Earthing.

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