Chemical Earthing Electrodes

Chemical earthing is engrossed copious superior & trustworthy as compare to conventional earthing, you may paragon deviating recompenses using chemical earthing technology.

Customers of the earthing electrode are actually distressing away from prehistorical customed conservative set up and desire maintenance-free chemical earthing electrodes familiar. Subsequent assessment discloses the numerous reparations of chemical earthing electrodes over traditional earthing grounding solutions..
It is a unique category of the earthing device that is expedient, homogenous and scientifically set up having quite a lot of recompenses:
Conservation Free: No need to dispense water at unvarying interlude excepting in grimy & filthy soil.
Dependability: Preserve unchanging and reliable earth resistance.
Supplementary Apparent Zone: The conductive compound creates a conductive zone, which provides the augmented superficial area for uttermost current dissipation.
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Chemical Copper Earthing Electrode

Chemical Copper Earthing Electrode
The precious property or possessions of Chemical Copper Earthing Electrode can be well protected with the help of a sound Lightning System. There are certain factors that are to be kept in mind in a good lightning system.
Ability to carry high current repeatedly
Good corrosion resistance
Low electrical resistance to earth
High conductivity

Technical specifications:
Type of Earthing : Sealed maintenance free chemical filled earthing electrode.
Size: » Model LPS 240 : ( Dia 40 x Length 2000)mm with CU conductor Size (30x4) mm.
»  Model LPS 340 : (Dia 40 x Length 3000) mm with CU conductor Size (30x4) mm
»  Modle LPS 250 : (Dia 50 x Length2000) mm with CU conductor size (32 x 6) mm.
»  Model LPS 350 : (Dia 50 x Length 3000) mm with CU conductor size (32 x 6) mm.
»  Modle LPS 265 : (Dia 65 x Length 2000) mm with CU conductor size (40 x 6) mm.
» Model LPS 365 : (Dia 65 x Length 3000) mm with CU conductor size (40 x 6) mm.
» Modle LPS 280 : (Dia 80 x Length 2000) mm with CU conductor size (40 x 6) mm.
» Model LPS 380 : (Dia 80 x Length 3000) mm with CU conductor size (40 x 6) mm.
Copper purity: 99%
Chemical used in the pipe: CCM Approximate Weight-3.5kg
GBFC(Ground enrichment material) : Minimum25kg it is soil enrichmen chemical compound.
Brand: Laxmi Power Solutions

Chemical GI Earthing Electrode

Gel Earthing
Chemical GI Earthing Electrode
Chemical GI Earthing Electrode provide a low-impedance ground in locations of high soil resistivity. Together with Reslow Grounding Minerals, the system dissipates lightning energy and other dangerous electrical fault currents, even in sandy or rocky soil conditions.

Total resistance against corrosion
Ensuring uniform earth contact resistance throughout the entire lifetime of the installation
Optimal electrical conductivity
Mechanical strength
Continuous electrode
Allows connection to other Earthing system

Technical specifications:
Type of Earthing: Sealed maintenance free chemical filled earthing electrode.
Model LPS 250 : (Dia 48 x Length 2000) mm with GI conductor size (32 x 6) mm.
Model LPS 350 : (Dia 48 x Length 3000) mm with GI conductor size (32 x 6) mm.
Model LPS 260 : (Dia 60 x Length 2000) mm with GI conductor size (40 x 6) mm.
Model LPS 360 : (Dia 60 x Length 3000) mm with GI conductor size (40 x 6) mm.
Model LPS 280 : (Dia 80 x Length 2000) mm with GI conductor size (50 x 6) mm.
Model LPS 380 : (Dia 80 x Length 3000) mm with GI conductor size (50 x 6) mm.
Class Of Pipe: Medium
Chemical used in the pipe: CCM Approximate Weight-7Kg
GBFC(Ground enrichment material): Minimum 45 kg it is soil enrichment chemical.
Brand: Laxmi Power Solutions

Chemical Earthing Electrodes

Chemical Earthing Electrodes
Being a client-centric organization, we are homogeneously indulged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide array of Chemical Earthing Electrodes. Our electrodes are designed using high-grade metal alloys and composition of several organic chemicals in adherence with international quality norms. Offered electrodes undergo stringent quality testing with our in-house testing facilities pertaining to company periodical. Available in varied designs, patterns and specifications; our electrodes are handy in protecting the human beings from callapsing in case of leakage current.
Some of the salient features of our Chemical Earthing Electrodes are mentioned below:
 »Easy installation
 »Trouble free operations
 »High conductivity
 »Low thermal insulation
 »Ability to withstand extreme temperature

Technical Details:

Product code/model Earthing Electrode (Dia-mm) Length (mm) Conductor Size(mm) Terminal Diameter(mm) Galvanized Micron
LPS250 48 2000 32x6 12 80-100
LPS260 60 2000 40x6 14 80-100
LPS350 48 3000 32x6 12 80-100
LPS360 60 3000 40x6 14 80-100
LPS280 80 2000 50x6 14 80-100
LPS380 80 3000 50x6 14 80-100

Copper Bonded Earthing Rods

Copper Bonded Earthing Rods
Laxmi Power Solutions is a leading supplier of Copper Bonded Earthing Rods. Our manufacturing process adheres to all parameters as prescribed by IS: 3043-1987 as well as UL. Copper Bonded Earthing Rods are sturdy, have longer shell life and efficient in dissipating fault current compared to plates or pipes.
Copper Bonded Earthing Rods supplied by Sarvayogam Corp are available in following dimensions Standard Length: 2 Meter, 3 Meter, Can be customized in terms of length as per requirement of project Standard Copper coating thickness: 100 Microns, 250 Microns Base Material: Low Carbon steel rod of high tensile strength
1. 14 MM
2. 16 MM
3. 19 MM
4. 25 MM
5. 32 MM
6. 38 MM
Copper Bonded Earthing Rods have the capabilities to be deep driven into the soil. This is helpful in difficult terrains and rocky terrains where the normal resistivity of the soil is high and it becomes difficult to achieve lower resistances.
As per IS 3043: 1987, one can achieve lower resistivity at depths at greater depths. Often these levels are some meters below the surface. The most economical way of reaching them is by Deep Driven Earth Rod Electrodes. When deep driving is not possible mainly due to rocks, underneath, parallel driven shorter rods, plates, mates or buried conductors or a combination of three can be used.

Earth Rod Electrodes:
Earth rods are commonly made from solid copper or stainless steel with copper bonding. Copper Bonded Earthing Rods or Copper Bonded Grounding Rods are commonly used due to strength, corrosion resistance and comparatively low cost.

Copper Bonded Earth Rod System:
This system includes rod along with accessories.
Driving Stud: These are made from steel & suitable for use with Power Hammers Coupling: These are made from copper alloy & counter bored to enclose threads. Coupling is high strength & also highly corrosion resistant. These are used to connect driving stud to rod or rod to rod
Rod: Steel rod with core of low carbon provides tensile strength at least of 600 N/ mm2. These rods are molecularly bonded with 99.9 % pure electrolytic copper up to thickness of 0.25 mm, Rolled threads at each end gives strength than cut threads Clamp: These are made from high copper content alloy strong resistance to corrosion

Features of ideal earthing:
Low electrical resistance to earth
Resistance to corrosion
Ability to carry high currents repeatedly
Less Maintenance & reasonable lifespan

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