LPS Cast Iron Pipe Earthing Electrode

Item  -  LPS Cast Iron (C.I) Pipe Earthing Electrode

Material  : Cast iron
Length  : 3000mm
Brand Name  : LPS
Model  : LPS LPS CI 100 / LPS CI 150
Application   : In large scale Industries and state level Power Distribution stations.
Shape   : Cylindrical
Colour   : grey
Size   : dia 100mm & 150mm

We are the finest manufacturer of cast iron (C.I) Pipe Earthing Electrode as per IS 3043. We provide this earthing pipe electrode to our clients in different specifications at more competitive prices.

It is the combination of high carbon content and the presence of silicon, manganese & phosphorous that gives cast iron its excellent castability. Our LPS Cast Iron (C.I) Pipe Earthing Electrode is produce by casting process including accessories like flange, hot dip galvanized clamp, cast iron & gi funnel with mesh.The Electrode having 100 mm dia, 13 mm wall thickness and 3 meter long with suitable Clamp and Funnel. The Earthing Pipe should accompany with Earthing Charcoal And Salt and with CI/ FRP Earthing Pit Cover, as a complete set.

Cast Iron Pipe Earthing Electrode is used for earthing of All Heavy Machinery And Is Best Choice Of Earthing For Power distribution Stations like MSEDCL, MSETCL, Transmissions, Railways, NLC, ICF, Industrial Companies.

Features of LPS Cast Iron Pipe Earthing Electrode:

• Ability to carry high currents repeatedly.
• Low resistivity/higher conductivity.
• Good Corrosion resistance.
• Good thermal conductor.
• Easily installable.
• Highly resistant to abrasion and identation.
• Economical

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