Chemical Earthing Back Fill Compound

The ideal unswerving Earthing Backfill or enrichment Chemical Backfill Compound is offered to the customers sideways with our presented earthing schemes. This compound is mass-produced by experts in constraint of the development prerequisites enhancing discrete earthing infrastructure with remarkable rating chemical substances having brilliant properties of distension as a paramount constituent in this compound and transports the seamless enactment for earthing with numerous supplementary recompenses, engrosses and preserves moisture for extended duration, diminishes soil resistivity, reliefs in dissipation of fault current in a faster means, concurs lightest ohmic charge vacillation, eradicates the prerequisite for salt and charcoal from one place to another electrode, embraces its silhouette and observes to any shallow, effortlessly compressed, enthralls many fold times of its ability, preserves compatibility of soil and electrodes connection and finally arrests corrosion.

1. Highly conductive earth-pit back fill.
2. Capable of reducing soil resistivity by up to 90%
3. Non- corrosive there by improving the life of the earthing system. does not damage the electrode metal in any way.
4. Doesn't depend on ambient moisture to sustain the earth resistance values. thus performs in all weather conditions giving stable earth resistance values.
5. Compatible with all types of earthing electrodes, be it pipes, plates or rods of any metal.
6. Can also be used in trenches made for horizontal type earthing systems.
7. Increases the total surface area of the earthing electrode ensuring quick dissipation of fault currents.
8. Maintains constant volume regardless of moisture content. therefore earth plus doesn't shrink or expand. it maintains constant contact with electrode and surrounding soil.
9. Long shelf life; can be stored for very long periods without deterioration.
10. Environmental friendly; does not pollute or contaminate the water table.

LPS Earth Ground Enhancing Material

We are engaged in Ground Enhancing Material (GEM) from superior conductive material that solves your toughest grounding problems. This white powder makes an excellent flux to make the process less expensive. It is used extensively in the foundry flux industry for reworking scrap aluminum. These are formulated by chemical experts at our processing unit having an adept knowledge of chemicals.

» Resistivity
» Maintains constant resistance of the ground system
» Performs in all soil conditions even during dry spells
» Decompose or leach out with time

LPS Earthing Powder

Laxmi Power Solutions manufactures earthing compound in Earthing Powder form as well as in Earthing GEL form. Laxmi Power Solutions earthing powder can absorbs a quantity of water in 13 to 15 times of its weight and able to retain it for a long period of time. This chemical powder is available in 20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg and 50 kg bags.

» Environmentally & metallurgical safe
» Stable compound
» Has an excellent shelf life and long term storage has no performance effects.

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