LPS GI Pipe Earthing Electrode

We Laxmi Power Solutions is one of the most pioneers Manufacturing of GI Perforated Pipe Earthing Electrode according to IS 3043. We provide this Pipe Earthing Electrode to our clients in different specification according to their projects needs at competitive rates.

Our LPS G.I Perforated Pipe earthing Electrode is made using low carbon mild steel’s Galvanized iron Pipe.The offered electrodes are made in tune with the industry standards for meeting the variegated demands of clients. The electrode is of having galvanized iron Pipe of (medium/heavy) quality in various diameters such as 50, 60, 80, 100 mm as per technical specification & with appropriate perforation at the surface of pipe with attachment of suitable GI Strip Clamp, GI Funnel and nut bolting. The earthing Pipe is accompanied with Earthing Charcoal, salt and can be with LPS Super Conductive Earth Backfill Compound with extra ordinary properties instead of charcoal and salt with excellent FRP/CI Earthing Pit Cover as a Complete product set. The LPS Earthing system is completely safe and designed via our qualified Engineers teams.

Our G.I pipe earthing goes in very large quantities, in factories, in power grids in houses, in NTPC and other more government departments etc. that’s why we always keep absolutely ready stock of the G.I Pipe Earthing Electrode. From North to South India, it is our company that supplies all the G.I Pipe Earthing to big electrical contractors as well as companies of electrical power transmission lines. We have all the machineries and equipment for making this, with the help of which we ready the G. Pipe earthing Electrode in a few minutes Such as stamping machines, forging press machines, milling machines, lathe machines that most of our competition companies do not have. Therefore, our quality is the best, high accuracy and best packaging quality is also available.

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Laxmi Power Solutions is well known name when it comes to Chemical Earthing Products and Equipment whether its Chemical Earthing, Earthing Electrodes, Chemical Back Fill Compound, Copper Bonded Earthing Rods or Conventional Earthing.

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