Chemical Earthing System

LPS Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing

LPS Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing

Chemical earthing is a method used to ground electrical equipment and systems. Its primary purpose is to provide a low resistance path for the dissipation of electrical energy to the earth.

A chemical earthing system consists of an earth electrode made of copper, galvanized steel or a mixture of both with a backfill material of a compound made of conductive minerals, with carbon as one of the major components. The backfill compound is mixed with water, and the mixture is poured into a borehole dug into the soil. The earth electrode is then inserted into the borehole and covered with more of the compound. This creates a low resistance path to the earth for electrical currents.

Chemical earthing plays a critical role in protecting electrical equipment and systems from electrical surges or lightning strikes. A well-installed chemical earthing system ensures the safety of the people working with electrical equipment, as well as preventing electrical equipment from exploding or catching fire.

One significant advantage of chemical earthing is that it provides a stable ground resistance, which is essential for the proper functioning of electrical equipment. A stable ground resistance ensures that electrical equipment receives the correct voltage and current, which helps to extend the lifespan of the equipment.

It is important to note that the design and installation of a chemical earthing system must comply with industry standards to ensure its effectiveness. Regular maintenance and testing of the system must also be scheduled to guarantee its proper functioning.

At Laxmi Power Solutions, we provide state of the art chemical earthing solutions to all sectors of the electrical industry. Our team of experts ensures the proper design, installation, and maintenance of chemical earthing systems. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help secure your electrical equipment and systems through our chemical earthing solutions.

Types of LPS Chemical Earthing

1. GI Chemical Earthing.
2. GI Rod Chemical Earthing.
3. Pure Copper Chemical Earthing.
4. Copper Bonded Chemical Earthing.
5. Copper Bonded Rod Chemical Earthing.

Benefits of Chemical Earthing

• The biggest benefit of Chemical Earthing System is that it doesn’t require any maintenance at all.
• It passes the current in to the ground instantly.
• The Electrode that remains in it is very highly conductive.
• The Backfill Chemical Compound helps in keeping the resistance value very low in surrounding of the electrode, due to its moisture absorbing properties up to a long time.
• It is very simple to install.
• Also, it does not require much area to install it.
• It is very cheap as compared to other types of earthing.
• It also longer in life with constantly performance.
• It provides safety to the human body from the electric shocks.
• It provides instant protection to your electrical equipment from power surges and short circuits, and keeps you out of harm's way.

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