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We, Laxmi Power Solutions (Lps) Manufactures And Also Supplying, Intstalling, Testing And Commissioningof High Quality Of Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing System In India. We Are One Of The Largest & Oldest Manufacturer Of Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing System, For More Than A Decade. Our Company ‘Laxmi Power Solutions’ Always Pioneering In The Field Of All Kinds Of Electrical Earthing Equipment & Electrical Lightning Protection System.

Concept of Earthing System The Person who is in contact with electrical systems and machineries, should essentially be protected against possible electrification. To achieve this protection, earthing system of an installation is defined,designed and installed according to the standard requirements. What Is Earthing The process of connecting metallic bodies of all the electrical apparatus and equipment to huge mass of earth by a wire or any conductor having negligible resistance is called Earthing. Why Earthing Important Provide an alternative path for the fault current to flow so that it will not endangered the user. Chemical Earthing System The LPS Chemical Earthing System is a newly introduced engineered designed earthing system which takes the place of conventional (charcoal & Salt) earthing system very adroitly.In this Chemical Earthing System, we uses the highly conductive substances as a gel filled in the LPS Electrode and LPS super Conductive Earth Backfill compound so that the system works continuously & constantly for a long time span. Therefore, Our Chemical Earthing System is renowned for the LPS Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing System.

Why Should you go for LPS Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing ?
• Maintenance free.
• Low Resistivity and high conductivity.
• Corrosion free.
• Highly super conductive earth backfill compound.
• Able to reduce soil resistivity by 90%
• Compatible with all types of metals like Copper, GI, Cast Iron, Alluminium etc.
• Long life.
• Earthing does not depend on ambient humidity to maintain resistance values. Thus gives stable earth resistance values in all weather conditions.
• Environmentally friendly; Does not pollute or debase the water table

Standards followed by our Chemical Earthing Products
• IS3043
• IEEE 80
• IEC 62561
• BS7430

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Laxmi Power Solutions is well known name when it comes to Chemical Earthing Products and Equipment whether its Chemical Earthing, Earthing Electrodes, Chemical Back Fill Compound, Copper Bonded Earthing Rods or Conventional Earthing.

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