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AS G.I plate and strip earthing is an old fashioned way of conveying earthing. LPS has been doing this kind of Earthings for a long time, only after that we brought the Chemical Earthing System inside North India. Our company is well equipped with chemical earthing to make and do such earthing, we have this type of team who easily make very long and wide fabrications in the ground for these types of earthing. We make all the goods used in it such as galvanized strip, plate etc. in our own house factory (Laxmi Power Solutions, Ballabgarh, Faridabad) so that we can give the best goods to our customers. In this way, instead of chemical, we use charcoal and salt, for water use G. Pipe B class, on which there is also a G.I funnel and on either side of it a little bit.

The terminal of the strip remains connected through which we can carry forward connectivity. We make our G plate earthing with double strip, which in the market only we make and no one else makes. And put at least 50 kg salt and 50 kg charcoal in an Earthing pit. Our G.I Plate and strip are highly zinc coated with high quality chemical and solutions and also properly designed and manufactured as per Indian Standard. Our G.I Plate and Strip Earthing Electrode Comes in various sizes and thickness on basis of depending the applications and client’s requirement as plate sizes comes in 600x600x3,6 and 9 mm and strip sizes mostly runs as 25x3 mm, 32x6mm, 50x6 mm with the length of 2 to 5 meter.

Benefits of LPS G.I Plate and Strip Earthing

• Giving Low Resistance as compared to Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing.
• Well-Polished and Highly coated of Zinc Metal.
• Corrosion Resistance with having life of 10-12 years.
• Double striped as shown in image.
• Can easily withstand with high current leakage as in it there is at least 15 to 20 kg pure metal for grounding.
• Putting Best Quality of Charcoal & Salt in the Earthing Pit.

Disadvantages of G.I Plate and Strip Earthing

• Required Annually Maintenance and Service and Check-ups.
• Required Properly float of watering through Funnel for producing moisture in the Earth Pit.
• Show changes in the resistance value with respect of time i.e. not giving constantly value.
• Costly as compared to Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing

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