LPS ESE Lightning Arrester

ESE Lightning Arrester

Lightning Arrester We Laxmi Power Solutions work also of ESE Lightning Protection System all over the India. We import the tested & certify ESE Lightning Arrester from the France, Turkey and other countries etc. These are according to the international standard as per NFC - 17- 102. These are also banned from somewhere areas in the India by our Indian Government because it does not meet the appropriate safety as compared to the IS-IEC-62305 (Indian Standard of Lightning Protection System). But after that it is chosen for its easy installation service.

Components of ESE Lightning Protection system are

1. ESE Lightning Arrester
2. 70 sq.mm. Copper cable
3. Strike counter
4. Mast
5. Earthing Pit.

Comparison between Conventional Lightning Protection System & ESE Based Lightning Protection System

Conventional Lightning Protection System (IS-IEC-62305) ESE Lightning Protection System (NFC -17-102)
It is according to our Traditional/Indian Standard. It is completely according to the Foreign/international standard.
Difficult to design and execute & install. Easy to design and execute & install.
No’s of down Conductor are used more. Single Conductor used.
In this Copper Lightning Arrester are used. In this mostly Stainless Steel Lightning Arrester are used.
25x3 mm G.I strip conductor used for down conductors. Only 70 sq.mm. Single copper cable used.
Properly Pure Copper Heavy Earthing is installed according to Indian Standard IS 3043. Copper Bonded Normal Earthing is installed.

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