Copper Plate Earthing

LPS Copper Plate Earthing

Copper Plate Earthing

As you know, LPS is a master at making G.I plate and strip earthing as well as our company is also the biggest manufacturer and supplier in Pure copper plate and strip earthing electrode. This type of Earthing Electrode is also known as Conventional Earthing System, because it is traditional method of Earthing, in this we use the Pure Copper Plate of Size 600x600x3/6 mm with double copper strip connected with the plate till up to the Earthing Terminal from where we can make further connection for any appliances. In this Copper Plate Earthing System there is also the use of Perforated G.I B-class Pipe for watering of Earthing for providing Moisture, basically this Earthing is better than the G.I plate Earthing because this contain more amount of copper weight obviously and it will be total approximately around 25 kg after that, we use in this charcoal and Salt along with this in an excavated Pit So the resistance of the Pit become very lesser as everyone wants.

LPS is one of the best manufacturer and supplier of this kind of Earthing Electrode because we ordered our Raw Copper directly from the manufacturer of Copper instead of Supplier and get it properly   checked from the certified laboratories and confirm its grade purity and concentration for only satisfaction of our customers. That’s why our each and every client to purchase it with no doubts, we have also some very large quantity sales of this type of Earthing Electrodes in Industries of Delhi NCR, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Palwal Area.

Benefits of LPS Pure Copper Plate and Strip Earthing Electrode

• Ultimately Low Resistance.
• Grounds heavy fault current within seconds.
• Contains 20 to 30 kg quantity of pure copper that means obviously making a conductive path for flowing of current.
• Having Long Life.
• Anti-Corrosive.
• Gives the ohm’s value in 0 points.
• Made of pure Copper containing 99% purity.
• Made by using Oxygen free copper.
• At suitable rates we sale this.


• In Heavy Power Generating Companies.
• Electrical Transmission Lines.
• For Neutral Earthing on Big Transformers.
• Panels and High Rated D.G Sets safety.
• CNC, VMC Machines.
• IT Servers, UPS etc.
• Military equipment’s.
• Solar Power Systems.

Copper Plate Earthing
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